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LEVEL RCM studies and produces level gauges and valves since 1957 and during these years imposed itsself as one of the company in this field with the most complete product list on patterns and dimensions.
It permits to the customers to have a Conversation Partner able to satisfy the most difficult requests through products of high quality and reliability.

This company is in continuous evolution, trying always to research and to abtain products technologically more advanced through market analysis and fielding studies.

LEVEL RCM obtained, thanks to DNV, UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 of its quality system. Through this quality system, working cycles procedures are described and applied, and they make products in line with the most restrictive quality requirements demanded from own customers.

LEVEL's products are suitable in hydroelectrical, thermoelectrical, chemical, petrochemical, fooding and fluid-gas distribution fields and they are developed thanks to qualified technicians.

During these long working and developing years, we had the possibility to supply our products, in the national and international field, on projects of big importance; it's because of that, we wanted to thank all the engineering companies, leaders in this field, who, using our products, let "LEVEL" brand to be known all over the world.